Top 10 Must-Read Data Science Research Papers in 2022

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January 19, 2022

Are you a data science enthusiast? If so, then this list of data science research papers is for you.

Data science plays a vital role in many industries such as small businesses, software companies, and the list goes on. Data science includes customer preferences, demographics, automation, risk management, and many other valuable insights. Data science can analyze and aggregate industry data. It has a frequency and nature of real-time data collection.

There are many data science enthusiasts who are totally passionate about data science. The sad part is that they couldn’t keep up with the latest research papers from Data Science. Here, Analytics Insight brings you the latest data science research articles. These research papers cover different data science topics, including today’s rapidly evolving technologies such as AI, ML, coding, and many more. Data science plays a very important role in the application of AI, ML and coding. With the help of data science, we can improve our applications in various sectors.

Research papers include

Documentation Matters: A Human-Centric AI System to Help Document Data Science Code in Compute Notebooks

The research paper is authored by April Yi Wang, Dakuo Wang, Jaimie Drozda, Michael Muller, Soya Park, Justin D. Weisz, Xuye Lui, Lingfei Wu, Casey Dugan.

This research paper is about AMC transactions on human-computer interaction. It is a combination of code and documentation. In this research paper, researchers have access to Themisto, an automated documentation generation system. This explores how human-centered AI systems can help data scientists in documenting machine learning code.

Assessing the Effects of Fuel Energy Consumption, Foreign Direct Investment and GDP on CO2 Emissions: New Scientific Evidence from Europe and Central Asia

The research paper is authored by- Muhammad Mohsin, SobiaNaseem, Muddassar Sarfraz Tamoor, Azam

This research paper discusses the severity of the effects of fuel consumption and how data science plays a vital role in extracting such important insights.

Impact on the stock market during the Covid-19 outbreak

The research paper is written by-CharmiGotecha

This article analyzes the impacts of a pandemic from 2019 to 2022 and how it affected the world using data science tools. It also explains how data science has played a major role in the world’s recovery from covid losses.

Explore the political pulse of a country using data science tools

The research paper is written by Miguel G. Folgado, Veronica Sanz

This article discusses how data science tools/techniques are used to analyze complex human communication. This study paper is an example of how Twitter data and different types of data science tools for policy analysis.

Situating data science

The research paper is written by-Michelle HodaWilkerson, Joseph L. Polman

This research paper provides detailed information on public procurement regulation by understanding the purposes and means of public procurement regulation.

VeridicalFlow: a Python package for building reliable data science pipelines with PCS

The research paper is authored by James Duncan, RushKapoor, Abhineet Agarwal, Chandan Singh, Bin Yu

This research paper is more of an open source software journal than a study paper. It deals with open source software, i.e. programs available in systems related to data science.

From ethical principles of AI to the practice of data science: a reflection and gap analysis based on recent frameworks and practical experiences

The research paper is written by – IlinaGeorgieva, ClaudioLazo, Tjerk Timan, Anne Fleur van Veenstra

This study paper discusses the field of AI ethics, its frameworks, evaluation, and much more. This article contributes to ethical AI by mapping the ethical principles of AI to the lifestyle of AI-based digital services or products to investigate their applicability to the practice of data science.

Building an Effective Data Science Practice

The research paper is authored by Vineet Raina, Srinath Krishnamurthy

This article is a comprehensive guide to effective data science practice. This gives an idea of ​​how useful the data science team can be and how productive it is.

Road traffic anomaly detection based on computer data science

The research paper is written by Jamal Raiyn

This research paper gives an idea of ​​whether autonomous vehicles will have control of all functions and how data science will participate in taking full control of all functions. Also, to manage large amounts of data collected from traffic in various formats, a Computational Data Science approach is proposed by the researchers.

Data governance [AI Ethics]

The research paper is authored by Joshua A. Kroll

This document analyzes and gives brief but comprehensive information on the best practices chosen by organizations to manage their data that encompass the full range of responsibilities assumed by the use of data in automated decision-making, including data security, confidentiality, prevention of undue discrimination, accountability, and transparency.

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