Talent has no age; 12th student Khushi Sharma sci-fi novel released

Talent as they say has no relation to age. It is integrated and refined to perfection with persistence. One of those hardworking souls is Khushi Sharma who wrote a book called “The Missing Prophecy – Rise of the Blue Phoenix”. The book was published today in Punjab Bhawan by the Minister of Education, Higher Education and Languages, Pargat Singh.S. Pargat Singh said the change that has happened in the past 15 to 20 years has not been observed for 100 years. He added that children of the modern age are very talented, which is very well illustrated by Khushi. A multi-talented personality, Khushi has twice won the national squash medal. Kathak pianist and dancer, she has staged some performances in this form of Indian classical dance. The service rendered to society by this pious soul was well recognized and she was duly recognized for leading a community awareness program in waste sorting. It turns out that she is also the youngest yoga teacher Isha, having started the pursuit at the age of eleven.

During the pandemic, the lockdown period in particular, when most students her age may have been busy with more recreational activities, this research enthusiast diligently modeled the progression of covid 19 and assessed readiness, posting the articles on his blog, blogwithkhushi.co .in. to educate young people. It was then that she also began to finish her first science fiction novel which flowed naturally from her magic pen. Speaking about his book, Khushi indicated that the sci-fi thriller led the female protagonist Ember Hart, who embodies courage, conviction, perseverance, teamwork and leadership; traits that Khushi identifies as his own. Ember Hart wandered the universe for three centuries in order to find a way to bring back his beloved Niklaus. Adding suspense to the story, the author observed, is the fact that while Ember is busy searching for his beloved, trouble looms on his planet Solaris with evil forces threatening to conquer her. Will Ember Hart choose to save her planet or will she choose to save her beloved? To learn more, you have to read the book. The book is available at all major bookstores. It can also be ordered online on Amazon. Other people present on the occasion included the young writer’s grandparents, Anand Garg and Radha Garg, parents Ajoy Sharma and Bhawan Garg, as well as MPs Kuljit Singh Nagra and Gurpreet Singh GP, senior civil administration officers. State K Siva Prasad, Tejvir Singh, Neel Kanth Avhad, AS Miglani, DK Tiwari, Pardeep Aggarwal, Gurpreet Kaur Sapra, Parminder Pal Singh and Sukhjit Pal Singh.

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