Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival 2021, Sydney


If you’ve spent much of the past two years escaping in sci-fi movies – and yes, that includes pandemic movies, aka everyone’s recent crush for an obvious reason – then you will want to head straight to Sydney’s own movie. festival dedicated to the genre. It’s all there in the name, with the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival on just one type of film. So much is science fiction, however, that you’ll always be spoiled for choice.

The 2021 Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival will take place over four days, from Thursday 11 November to Sunday 14 November, and will present a lineup of feature films and short films from around the world. To be transported to another realm – something we could all use this year – you will need to visit the Actors Center Australia in Leichhardt. And you can choose the films that interest you, or opt for a festival pass and follow each session.

Highlights include the Australian zombie sequel Wyrmwood: Apocalypse; Sun dance hit The flamboyant world, which opens the party; and an entire session devoted to the obvious films, aka pandemic. Or, there’s a B-movie style creature feature too Jaws; Tight, about a family trying to survive a neurotoxin epidemic; and meteoric disaster movie resurrected – and yes, the list goes on from there.

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