Sci-Fi Movie: 83% of Businesses Think Technology Seen in Sci-Fi Movies Is Already Part of Their Lives or Soon Will Be: Report

Greek philosopher, Heraclitus had said, “Change is the only constant”, centuries ago. This quote remains relevant to this day as we see the world changing before our eyes. With Covid, we make sure we adapt technology at a rapid pace to survive and grow. This development has led people to innovate and prepare for the future.

With that in mind, FedEx commissioned a study, Future is Now, which showed that 60% of companies FedEx spoke to were experimenting with various aspects of their business to be ready for the future. 87% said that over the past year, companies have demonstrated the ability to understand ‘What’s next? And present possible solutions. 90% agreed that organizations, communities and individuals who embrace change are in a better position to respond to unexpected circumstances.

The study interviewed over 4,000 respondents in 18 Indian cities and focused on three main points of view:

  • To be dynamic
  • How India is open to experimentation and innovation
  • How concerned is the country about sustainability

India is on the cusp of change as the pandemic accelerates the country’s digital transformation. From healthcare to education, from banking to industry, technology is transforming all sectors, giving birth to a future full of possibilities.

According to the study, 79% said India was prioritizing technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain to deliver a world ready for the future. About 83% of them believed that the technology they saw in sci-fi movies was already part of their everyday life or likely would in the next few years.

As technology-driven change continues, the study identified certain industries as drivers for shaping the cities of the future, with healthcare, infrastructure and logistics, as well as banking and finance leading the change. .

In a statement, Mohamad Sayegh, vice president of India operations for FedEx Express, said: “With the acceleration of the transition to digital transformation, innovations and cutting-edge technologies focused on sustainability are poised to emerge. drive the future of business. Advances in blockchain, IoT, automation and robotics are not only going to pave the way for the logistics industry, but all industries in the future. ”

Towards a dynamic future

To continue to innovate, all companies must anticipate the needs of their customers. The pandemic has accelerated change in almost every aspect of life, from the way we live and work, to the way businesses interact with their customers and the way customers purchase products and services.

India has also jumped in the Global Innovation Index and is home to a thriving start-up ecosystem. Business success depends on pushing boundaries and fostering a culture of innovation based on experimentation.

A sustainable state of mind

Consumers are now increasingly aware of the impact of their choices on the world around them, whether it is the environment or their communities. Even their purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by their perception of a sustainable and responsible organization.

The study response showed that organizations must continue to reassess and reorganize their sustainability strategies to ensure their relevance to their customers and their long-term resilience. As the world continues to evolve, technology and trends will drive changes in lifestyles, behaviors and attitudes. For businesses and individuals alike, embracing a future that offers endless possibilities and having a dynamic, experimental and enduring mindset will be imperative to staying ahead of the game.

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