One of the great sci-fi movies set in 2022

When Destiny Chases Us is a 1973 film, but some of its assumptions about the future have come true today.

??Happy 2022! A day late, but better late than never. To celebrate the arrival of this new year, take a look back and revisit the story of a movie released in 1973 But what was it It was set in 2022.

We are talking about Soylent Green, known in Spain as When fate reaches us. The film is directed by Richard fleischer The Charlton Heston Championship moved us to New York From 2022.

While some of the things that happen in the movie have reflected in our time, luckily there are other things that we hope will remain fictional in the rest of the movie. 2022.

The bitter reality he poses When fate reaches us The creation of a state of famine in the world can only be combated by feeding the population with a substance known as green soybean.

the green soybean What appears in the movie does not exist in real life, but there is a mark called Soylent Created by Rob reinhart As of 2013, it’s supposed to be a meal replacement. The inspiration for this product comes from the novel To make room! To make room! From Harry harrison which the film is based on.

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The famine we see Soylent Green caused by Overcrowding, a problem that has not reached these extremes today. And police abuse in our world is arbitrary, but at least not to the point of tearing protesters into garbage trucks.

However, the film has reached other points, such as when it talks about Plankton oceans are dying, something that happened in 2022 due to ocean acidification. Likewise, it is also fair to raise the issues caused by climate change and suggest an escape from the reality that new technologies allow us to do.

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