Cyber ​​warfare presents a major “science fiction” threat to Defense: Alastair MacGibbon | Canberra weather

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Cyber ​​warfare was once science fiction, but it is now one of the biggest threats to Australia’s defense forces, a former national security adviser has warned. Former director of Australia’s Cyber ​​Security Center, Alastair MacGibbon, who is now CyberCX’s chief strategy officer, believes cyberwarfare will play an important role in future conflicts around the world. Sometimes called the fifth realm, after land, sea, air and space, cyber realm warfare has progressed so far, now it reflects science fiction, he said. “Submarines prevented from leaving port, or planes turned in the air, or tanks stopped in their tracks or turned against the force that thought they possessed them,” said Mr. MacGibbon. “We are spending a lot of money and effort trying to connect our soldiers, sailors, airmen and women to technology.” But these vulnerabilities and this technology will be exploited by the enemy. This is obvious because we will want to do exactly the same things to them. “It sounds like science fiction to people, but it is reality.” Former Prime Minister cyber adviser Malcolm Turnbull said threats were on the rise and government agencies, including Defense, needed to keep pace with the changing landscape. “I describe it as chasing a curve, right? Anytime you think you have your eyes fixed on the horizon, the horizon moves with you,” he said. “Threat actors are more active, what you’re trying to protect is more complex, and the consequences of failure are increasing day by day as we connect more.” You constantly feel like you’re trying to catch up. READ MORE: Adding to the pressure on units within Defense, MacGibbon said the cyber and technology divide between Western countries and developing countries had narrowed dramatically over the past 20 years. with strong governance rules surrounding the ethics of using offensive cyber methods. “For a long time, the West saw itself as the dominant technological force. I just don’t believe that is the case now,” did he declare. “Our hope, of course, is that we are [still] technologically and cyber-wise, more advanced than our enemy. With a constantly and rapidly evolving threat, the former cyber tsar wants government agencies and businesses to not only be aware of threats and tick the boxes required for cyber compliance, but to actively consider cybersecurity. at each step. “You can be compliant, but not necessarily safe,” he said. He compared it to a scenario that many are familiar with – COVID is spreading among a predominantly vaccinated population. Just because a person is vaccinated “It doesn’t matter what you spend and how much you do, there are always degrees of insecurity,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing anything.”[Cyber security] cannot … be handled by a few technical people in a corner somewhere. “Once we get it on board, we’ll deal with it in a much more rational way.” Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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