Science method

Bengaluru astronomers develop method to better study exoplanets

Indian astronomers have developed a new method that could help better study the atmosphere of exoplanets using the polarization of light. Their breakthrough is an algorithm that can increase the accuracy of exoplanet data by reducing contamination from Earth’s own atmosphere and disturbance from instrumental effects and other factors. This …

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New method proposed for an efficient structure

image: The related result was posted on Langmuir as a cover story seen Following Credit: ZHANG Wei Small particle number (CM) non-spherical clusters have potential applications in coatings, self-assembly of materials, biomedical diagnostics. The sphere has the smallest area under a certain volume, that is, the total Gibbs free energy …

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The method, in mice, may eliminate the need for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, in the treatment of blood cancers, other diseases – sciencedaily

For leukemias, lymphomas and other difficult-to-treat blood cancers, stem cell transplantation is the gold standard of care. The procedure involves replacing a patient’s own hematopoietic stem cells with a donor’s stem cells and in doing so, eradicating cancer cells in the blood, lymph nodes and bone marrow. But many patients …

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