Science fiction

SIU’s research team aims to take food replication from science fiction to reality

NASA has selected a research team from Southern Illinois University Carbondale to work on a machine that would use microbial processes and recycled carbon to provide tasty and nutritious food for astronauts on future deep space trips. The team, from left to right, includes Poopalasingam Sivakumar, Gayan L. Aruma Baduge, …

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Neil Young’s Next Project Is A Sci-Fi Novel

Neil Young is a talented guitarist and fantastic songwriter, but that’s far from the extent of his creative abilities. His work as a filmmaker has been cited as an influence by none other than Paul Thomas Anderson, on the one hand. And his 2003 album Greendale has also been made …

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Beasts and Baseball: New Science Fiction and Fantasy

Lincoln Michel’s first novel, THE SCOUT CORPS (Orbite, 356 p., $ 27), mixes black, cyberpunk and sport into something both timeless and original. In the near and troubling future of New York City, where extreme climate change has made limbs cybernetic and genetic modifications – called “upgrades” – necessary and …

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