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Dan Smith from Bastille joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss the band’s new single “No Bad Days” and upcoming fourth album “Give Me The Future”, which will be released next February. He tells Zane about the origin of the track, discusses his collaboration for the first time, including with the album’s executive producer, Ryan Tedder, and says he thinks it’s the band’s best work at this. day.

Dan Smith from Bastille tells Apple Music the origin of “No Bad Days” …
It’s a pretty personal song and it’s just good to have it in the world. I wrote it with friends in 2019. I had just visited my aunt in Australia with my sister. We went to visit him to say goodbye. She was an amazing person. She took control of the end of her life. We got to see her and came back and spent some time in the studio. This song kind of broke down. Then, while we were putting together the album, Ryan heard it in and among all the songs we did. He was really obsessed with this song and was like, “This is it. This is the song.” I guess in the world of Bastille, maybe there’s always that expectation that our singles are bombastic or epic or whatever. It was quite nice and refreshing to have someone like, no this song is just amazing. She taught everyone in our family and everyone that she knows so much. It’s amazing and deep to be able to take this thing that’s happening to all of us and make it an amazing example and an amazing lesson for all of us. I guess I’ve felt pretty weird over the past couple of years to have this song that’s so personal and is about something so huge in our family, but I’m really proud of the song. I’m proud of not only the content and the lyrics and everything, but the creative process as well. Making this album for a few weird years has been a lifeline and I love it. Musically too, the production that I like, I like the space it contains, the harmony engine, which plays a little with my voice and the piano solo. The Bruce Hornsby piano solo.

Dan Smith from Bastille talks to Apple Music about the band’s upcoming album “Give Me The Future” “
Today and here we are announcing our fourth album. It’s called “Give Me The Future” and it’s going to be released in early February of next year. It’s this crazy sci-fi concept record that talks about our relationship with each other and with technology and the different versions of the future and the past. This song is the emotional heart of it, but I’m so proud of the album. It’s been such a brilliant thing to be a part of it and to set it up. I’m just excited people hear it. I think it’s our best job and it’s exciting and it’s different. These are elements of what you would expect from Bastille, but this is the first time that we have let the door open and other people have come to join us. We did everything during the lockdown, but did a few sessions on Zoom, which gave other producers a chance to try their hand. So much the better for that, man. It turns out that the collaboration is really fun. There is a reason why everyone does it.

Dan Smith from Bastille tells Apple Music that he asked Ryan Tedder to produce the album …
Then Ryan Tedder, I wrote with him and produced a song with him on the album and he helped me perform it. He was like a helicopter figure who walked quite far into the process and listened to the music and gave us some advice. It was interesting for us to let go of control a bit. We eventually did everything in our studio and finished it there, but I think the idea of ​​sharing the responsibility with other people was really exciting and really fun. Like I said, it turns out it’s pretty fun.

Dan Smith from Bastille talks to Apple Music about co-directing “No Bad Days” music video …
I also just co-directed my very first music video for this song. Man, that was so much fun. I have always been obsessed with our videos. I’ve always been that annoying artist over the director’s shoulder, like, “What are you doing here?” What are you doing here ? I’ve always wanted to be a director, but I guess I’m just too lazy. We talked about it for ages and I met this guy, James, at the Trash Factory, who is an amazing director. I had this idea for ages and wanted to do something that was to try and use technology to bring someone back and we were able to do that. It was such an experience, learning how this world works, its limits and its opportunities and, I dunno, learning how to play the budding filmmaker muscle in me, man. I had the best time.

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